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The accelerating pace of climate change, combined with global population and income growth, threatens food security everywhere.Climate change imposes greater risk today than any other time in past. Unbearble summers , non seasonal very heavy rainfalls, Unbearable winters have a very adverse effect on open field crop production .The world will need to produce about 70 percent more food by 2050 to feed an estimated 9 billion people. The only way towards such a massive challenge is to create largest infrastructures of protected cultivation in India and Globally. Our vision aligns with the global population needs and we aim to do our bit for sutainability of mankind and our planet earth.

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4 to 10 times yield than open field

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60 Lakhs per annum

4 Acres Polyhouse - Capsicum and Cucumber

Hi-tech Agriculture farming and use of technology for increasing the farmers efficiency on field was neglected in Uttar Pradesh. Agriplast has served more than 4500+ Hi tech agriculture farmers and they get end to end guidance and support from our team of agronomists. We want to become synonyms for quality products in the Hitech agriculture space and add 100000+ farmers in Agriplast family by 2030 from various states in India.

Sidhant Sisodia (Commerce Graduate)

Sirsaganj, Firozabad

18 Lakhs per annum per acre

2 Acres Polyhouse - Red and Yellow Capsicum

After completing my graduation I got involved in large scale traditional farming of Potato on rented land and I was also trying to establish flour mill but that I found it has too many legal and accounting formalites along with production and marketing of product, collection from market etc. But in agriculture, it is cash and carry business and no fear of money blockage after selling the produced. I have spent 4 to 5 months for understanding about the protected farming project and searching for company for establishing the project.

Abhishek Singh (Graduate)

Sirsaganj, Firozabad

14 Lakhs per annum per acre

1 Acre Polyhouse - Red and Yellow Capsicum

I'am a B.tech from BITS Pilani and my brother has done BBA at Amity University. We have been cultivating potato for nearly 40-50 years. Our father had his job is in Delhi and we all used to live there but whenever he had the time he would come to the village. He tried technical farming and had taken the information related to polyhouse for a long time. We were all very impressed by his vision. Then we also geared up to fulfill their intentions and gathered as much information as possible about this subject. We studied it very deeply and decided to move forward in this field. Now we have started getting success in this and are also planning to expand it further

Rishabh Arya (Graduate)

Smamshabad, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

18 Lakhs per annum per acre

1 Acre Polyhouse - Cucumber

I have vast experience of 21 years in education field till director level. After that I started looking for new opportunity in a start-up as of governments initiative program. I choose agriculture field. After studying many models of protected farming, I choose Polyhouse farming to be followed. After visiting more than 19 Polyhouse and gaining experience from their owners I chose Agriplast Pvt ltd to construct my Polyhouse as it is the only company which maintains Professional international standards and government norms in construction of Polyhouse and more importantly they provide the guidance of experienced agronomists. Since 2019 I am practicing protected farming.

Brij Mohan Rana (MA, M.PHIL, B.ED, UGC NET)

Mawana, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

10 Lakhs per annum per acre

Half Acre Polyhouse

I was totally involved in property business and my brother and father were taking care of traditional farming and poultry farm. Whenever I visit my relative in Punjab, I have seen the trend of Polyhouse increasing and I thought of making it my second source of income because saturation was also coming in my business. In 2017 in UP it was difficult to take step in to this due to fear of market of produce and red/yellow capsicum and seedless cucumber was not in eating habit of local people. But in 2018 I came in contact of Agriplast they hold my hand and answered my all questions to boost my confidence. They have very good product and services that helped me a lot to get success.

Gurpreet Singh (Graduate)

Mohanlalganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

28 Lakhs per annum per acre

2 Acres Nethouse - Capsicum

After retirement of my husband we had planned to develop our farmhouse because me and my husband always curious to grow healthy food for self and for our loved once we made our farm a holyday spot and enjoyed it with family. One day somebody told me about Polyhouse farming I was curious about it and started gathering information about it, fortunately I found somebody from Agriplast in my husband’s known circle so from them we got right knowledge about project. Since this project was under Government subsidy scheme and they helped me to get it released from government. Agriplast team supported all the way for not only establishing but also operating the project.

Archana Singh (Graduate)

Gosaiganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

10 Lakhs per annum per acre

Half Acre Polyhouse - Capsicum

I have done graduation in Agriculture. I wanted to make agriculture my profession instead of doing a job. Agriculture is the main work in my family. Initially my family did not agree with my decision, but they agreed upon my persuasion. Then I started my research about modern farming, and I came to know that the Polyhouse gives 5 time more production than open field in same area of land. I went and saw the projects around me and I thought that I can do it well too. Out of all the projects I saw, Agriplast's work was the best, I also came to know about their services which are very important. Then I decided to go with Agriplast without delay. Now I'm sure my decision was right.

Shubham Diwedi (Agriculture Graduate)

Mohanlalganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

10 Lakhs per annum per acre

Half Acre Polyhouse - Red and Yellow Capsicum

We have been doing ancestral farming, we hand enough land at the time of father, but after distribution, we have got a small part of the land. We had done poultry work before, but the risk was high in that business. There was no profit in traditional farming on limited land. Then a friend of mine told me that protected farming is the best through which more profit can be make profits even on a small land. Then, I decided to research about it and I was pleased to see the crop of red yellow capsicum, it was a new world of farming. So, I contacted Agriplast to get more information. When you find the right people, the destination is easily found, which happened to me as well and I became a prosperous farmer.

Sunil Chaurasiya (Graduate)

Banthara, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

10 Lakhs per annum per acre

2 Acres Net house - Capsicum

I am having my parental retail business and seeing the slow down in business because of e-commerce companies changing the trend of my business. So I was looking for diversion in new area having full of future opportunites.

Pankaj Aggarwal (Graduate)

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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