Ginegar Drip Lock Clear Greenhouse Covering Film

Minimum Order Quantity 500 sqm
Material Polyethylene
Usage/Application Greenhouse cover
Brand Ginegar Agriplast
Width 4.5 meter,5.5 meter,7 meter,9 meter
Thickness 200 Micron
Manufacturing technology 5 Layer
Light Transmission 90%
Light Diffusion 25%
Anti Dust Yes
Anti Drip Yes
Areas Recommended Recommended for hilly area with less light during Winter
Crops Recommended Carnation, Nursery except for roses
UV Life 3 Years*
Available Length 600-900 meter Jumbo Roll also customized
Port of Dispatch Hosur / Ahmedabad / Lucknow


Ginegar Driplock clear Greenhouse film is a 200 Micron 5 layered film made of polyethylene with improved mechanical properties, having world-class UV stabilizer to protect the plastic against early UV degradation. it has an excellent light transmission of about 90% and diffusion of light is about 25% to help better growth of the plant in the area where plants receive less light during winter, ie: Hilly Areas, it has also a very important property named Anti-Drip, to prevent direct dripping of water inside the greenhouse during winter due to condensation, Driplock clear also comes with Anti Dust Property -A means of reducing dust accumulation on the plastic this has an excellent result on flowers i.e a carnation.


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