Agriplast Right Pot

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Unit
Material Plastic
Shape Round
Size 9"x7",9" x11",9"x15",12"x7",12"x11",12"x15",12"x22"
Usage/Application Plant Pot
Color Black
Design Method Factory Made
Brand Agriplast
Country of Origin Made in India
Capacity 7 Ltr,11 Ltr,15 Ltr,17 Ltr,27 Ltr,37 Ltr,55 Ltr
  • The Design of the Agriplast Right Pots helps to achieve much superior white root network, the better establishment in the field post-transplant leading to faster and healthier growth of the plant. 
  • These Pots also provide flexibility to the users to reuse the pot and move the plant irrespective of its size and age.
  • Agriplast Right Pot is a new planting solution for nurseries of potted plants, nurseries which supplies finished grown-up trees for transplanting, terrace farming, forestry, soilless cultivation, hotels to keep ornamental trees, parks, industries, etc.
  • We have top-quality plastic pots for plants available in different sizes and shapes. 
  • This plastic pot is best to design and has discounted price.

Key Features:

  • High durability and reusable
  • Protects from soil-borne diseases
  • Enables stronger root system development
  • Allows faster drainage of excess water
  • Allows air pruning of roots
  • Easy transplantation of seedlings and trees
  • Increases mobility of plants and trees
  • Faster uptake of Nutrients

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