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We get tones of request on how Agriplast polyhouses are different than any cheaper available structure in the market and why cheaper solutions doesn’t last for long. It took us lot of research and development and more than 25 years of learning & hardwork to understand what it takes to make a sustainable & stable greenhouse. Each and every part of the structure and its features are designed in a way to provide maximum output to the growers. If the structure is not well designed it can result in loss upto 50% of each and every cycle of the crop. This gives recurring losses every year to the grower and it becomes unviable for him to do greenhouse farming. We have given a detailed information about the features which we provide and which has proven to be most beneficial for the greenhouse growers.


Height of structure 6.8 TO 7 meters from ground level
Side ventilation 4 meters which provides total ventilation of 48% which is best in its segment.
TOP VENT 1.2 meters
Pipe quality and Galvanization 375 to 400 GSM
Nut bolts and Connectors 22-micron zinc ferrous coated. Main connectors are 5 mm coated (Zinc coating).
Foundation 76 mm dia with 2 mm thickness. Crimped foundation which gives more strength.
Door Aluminum double sliding door
Gutter thickness 1.6 mm Galvanized gutters with trapezoidal shape.
End gutters We provide gutters at both the end of the structure giving extra surface area for water harvesting.
Shade net mechanism Pulley system hybrid mechanism. The shade net moves with thousands of pulleys and sandwich clips which is well designed for easy movement without tearing the Shade net. Results in hassle free operations for many years.
Reinforcement and Anti wind breakers We provide multiple reinforcement and anti-wind breakers for the strength of the structure.
Hockey pipe Square pipe is given. Square pipe provides more stability to the structure due to more surface area.
Tonnage of structure 20- 21 tones of steel. Total structure weight is 24 tones approx. depending on the structure size.
Profile Aluminum profile. Heat doesn’t transfer resulting in better plastic life.
Spring PVC coated spring IMPORTED. Doesn’t heats the plastic.
PVC Wires for Shade net Mechanism PVC wires used for shade net moving without wear and tear.
Shade net / Insect net Agriplast make
Multiple designed connectors Multiple Israeli designed connectors are used for better strengths for the structure. This is one of the key USP of our structure.
AI Automation system Our polyhouse comes with AI climate control which provide full control to the user for the automatic operation of polyhouse.
Screen Automation We use imported Italian products for screen and side vent automations for long term hassle free operations.
Other Features On special request we can provide Curtain box system/Aluminet shadenet which last for more than 20 years with warranty of 5 years by Ginegar & we also provide FLC mechanism for easy movement of the side vents.
Agronomist Support We give free of cost agronomist support to all our farmers for assured success.




Agriplast Protected Cultivation supplies the best designed structures in the market. We design our structures as per Israeli designs and take pride in being associated with one of the biggest names in the industry. We offer best grade of Polyhouse and self-sustaining protected structures. These products are manufactured with world standard quality norms, top quality components and modern methods.

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