PRIVA Compact

Agriplast Polyhouse Automation Systems are suitable for all types of Polyhouses from small farmers to commercial farming. With the use of Polyhouse automation, a grower can increase the yield and improve the quality of crops and minimize climate for the crop by monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 in the Polyhouse. Agriplast Polyhouse Automation Systems are very easy to operate and accessed via smart phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere.
When it comes to Polyhouses, they are great protection from adverse weather conditions, but what many don’t realize is that outside factors have a significant impact on what’s happening to your plants inside the Polyhouse. There are optimal conditions that plants thrive in and finding that sweet spot can be tricky when you consider all the environmental variables including light and solar radiation, wind, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity as well as rain and precipitation. Create the ideal environment for your plants with an automated Polyhouse.

PRIVA Compact
Are you looking for a process computer that can be continuously adapted to your needs? One that incorporates all of today’s essential controls, and can be upgraded as you need more advanced technology in the future? Agriplast Compact controls the essential processes for various Polyhouse facilities to optimize crop control. It is suitable for all types of crops and Polyhouses including the reuse of drainage water. The Agriplast Compact incorporates the perfect basic controls for climate and water dosage in combination with simple operation.

Modular Design
Customized in line with your specific requirements.

User-friendly Operation
Priva Compass operator application allows you to control your Polyhouse systems using any device (including tablets and smart phones).

Suitable for all types of crops and Polyhouses
Priva Compact controls the essential processes for various Polyhouse facilities to give you perfect crop control.

Tailored control of all relevant processes
To maximize the quality and yield of your crop, it is important to have optimal control of all the relevant technical processes.

Moisture Balance Module
Precise moisture sensors or scales accurately measure the evaporation, the plant’s water consumption and the moisture level in the substrate, and the software uses the data to tailor the water supply in line with the plant’s needs.

24-hour temperature strategy
The 24-hour temperature strategy continuously monitors the temperature and automatically controls the light intensity, ventilation and heating to ensure that the desired average temperature is achieved during a 24-hour cycle.

Disinfects water using UV light
Priva Compact system can be used to disinfect any volume of fresh water, recycled drainage water and discharge water.

Intuitive dashboards and graphs
Clear user interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs.

Analysis and alarms
Priva Compact automatically generates predefined graphs and reports. Once you have insight into your process and you’re able to analyze it, your job suddenly becomes a lot easier.

Specification Property
Type AI & IOT cloud based smart Greenhouse Control System operate from anywhere, on any device at anytime.
Control manage the essential growing conditions of your horticultural business, 24/7, including ventilation, heating, curtains, CO2, fans, humidification, lighting, boilers, irrigation, fertilizer dosage and the reuse of drainage water
User Interface Thanks to the operating program Priva operator and Priva Office Direct, Priva Compact is really very easy to use.

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