Ginegar Embossed Mulch Film

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Roll
Color White-Black & Silver-Black
Length 1000 m
Width 1 meter, 1.2 meter
Brand Ginegar
Thickness 25 micron

Is Israel's largest developer and producer of cover films for agricultural applications. Ginger's agricultural cover films rank among the leading cover products for greenhouses, and for soil protection and disinfection. The unique mechanical, optical and thermal characteristics of ginegar's cover films ensure greater durability, excellent resistance to hostile weather conditions, controlled light penetration, better dust resistance and reduced pest activity. The expert agronomists of ginegar's research department can provide support and solutions for all types of crops, in any climate conditions. Ginegar exports its products to 60 countries around the world.

Control and protect your plant Environment:

  • Mulch more films are advanced multi-layer mulch films, produced to meet a wide range of specifications.
  • Mulch more films are available in several versions - from super-thin polydak to dual-color films - for use with specific crops and growing applicatins. All mulch more films are available either embossed (cast) or smooth (blown), in a wide range ofthickness and widths.
  • At Ginegar, we cmpoly two productionmethods for creating our high quality mulches: multi-layer blown filmm co-extrusion, and cast )flat die) extrusion. Each method provides unique benefits.
  • Blown filmextrusionallows for production of a wide range of dimensions and widths whild creating a plastic filmthat is strong along both the lenght and width of the sheet.
  • The cast production method involves embossing while the material is hot, thereby changing the surface of the sheeting and endowing it with greater flexibility. softness and strength. This allows better adherence of the sheeting to the groud surface, and is particularly suitable for crops grown on raised beds.

Major Mulch More Film Features:

  • Insulation: Mulch more films insulate the plants from moist soil, preventing contact and dramatically reducing fruit rot, as drier microclimate reduces plant sensitivity to disease (downy mildew and botrytis.)
  • Intergrated pest management (IPM): Reflectant mulch more products such as silver or yellow reduce the incidence of insects and insect vectored viral diseases.
  • Water conservation: Mulch more films reduce water loss due to evaporation from the soil surface and maintain humidity in the root zone.
  • Weed control: Opaque mulch more filmsreduce germination and growth. clear Polydak burns off weeds by solariztion.
  • Temperature Control: The appropriate mulch more product adjusts light and heat conditions and provides the optimal root-zone temperature.
  • Our mulch films divided to 6 groups:
  • Low tunnel - films for low tunnels covering in wide variety of characteriztions.
  • Solarization
  • Fumigation
  • Photo Selective Mulch - green/brown
  • one Color - mulch films clear/black
  • bi-color- two sides films in a wide variety of versions (black/silver, back/white, yellow/brown).
  • Mulch more Films are available in the following lay flat widths: Embossed Up to 2.18 meters (86") Wide.
  • Non-embossed - up to 2.30 meters (90") wide.
  • All films above are available embossed or non-embossed.
  • Films can be pre- punched with 50 mm planting holes or perforated for drainage.

Zebra Mulch (New) :

  • This product is good for raised beds. It is a combination of the advantages of the clear and of the black mulch. The clear is installed on the top, which keeps the temperature and saves water. The black is installed on the sides of the bed and therfore prevents the weeds.

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